19264707 1402186223183532 1396413087006496308 oAt Saint Mary´s we are always seeking ways to improve all aspects of student life within our school.   Although we are a small prívate bilingual school and parents pay tution for their children to have the privilege of attending Saint Mary´s, our resources are limited while our wishes to improve are endless.  If you are in the United States and are interested in furthering education and academic excellence in Honduras we encourage you to support us in our quest to achieve this goal.  

You may give Financial support to any of these areas

-Scholarship for students

-Building improvement repairs

-Technological Support for classrooms and Computer Science Labs

-Reading material for the library

Please make checks pay able to:

Honduras Development Network

P.O. Box 450865
Sunrise, Florida 33345

We thank you in advance for your gift to Saint Mary´s and investing in the future of our students.